Iva Shoemaker Walter

Honored by:Ardis Walter McMechan
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Iva Walter, my Grandmother, was a remarkable and accomplished woman. Only after I was an adult did I really understand the tragedy and heartbreaks she had endured. She was able to grieve and put sadness behind her. Orphaned when she was very young, she still became a master of homemaking skills.

She enjoyed her large, complex, extended family and lived a busy, hard working life on a farm near Beaman, Iowa. Even with all of her responsibilities at home, she managed to take major women's leadership roles in her community. She had a great interest in politics and I doubt that she ever missed a chance to vote.

The leadership exhibited by both Iva and husband Warren S. in their community was reflected by the next generation. Their three living children all graduated from Iowa State College with B.S. degrees; Warren Eldon in 1922; Vivian Alice in 1924 and Paul Marshall in 1927. Eldon's wife Myrtle nee Bein graduated in 1924. Paul's wife Mary nee Brindle also attended Iowa State. These people in turn, were active in their communities. As well as local activities, the two sons were elected to the Iowa Legislature and served a total of 30 years.

The Iowa State connection continued with Iva's grandchildren. Eldon's daughters Ardis Walter McMechan BS ‘51; MS ‘59; husband James D. BS ’55, MS '60 and Donna Walter Liska BS ‘61 husband Jay DVM ‘61 all graduated from Iowa State. Paul's daughter Darlene Walter Williams attended Iowa State and Vivian Walter Wentzien's son Irwin received his BS in 1956.

Great-Grandchildren ISU graduates include both of Ardis’ children James Walter BS ‘85 and Sara Elizabeth BS ‘90; all three of Donna's children, Anne Marie Liska BS ‘86; Robert Walter BS ‘87 and wife Stephanie Jo nee Dudden BS ‘87 and William Walter BS ‘92. All four of Darlene's children also graduated from Iowa State. Cynthia received her BS in 1973; husband Howard Lindaman DVM ‘71; Marvin BS ‘75; Mark BS ‘80; Mary Carole BS ‘86 and her husband Scott Cook BS ‘86.

Grandmother had a way of making each grand-child feel special and well loved. I was fortunate to have lived close by her while I was growing up.

Submitted on 7/1/96