Ivadelle Cobb Cownie

Honored by:Charles T. Cownie
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Ivadelle graduated ISC in 1927 with a Smith Hughes Certificate. She was a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. From 1927-1928 she taught high school Home Economics in Winthrop, Iowa. On June 15 1928 she married Charles T. Cownie. They have been married over 65 years and the marriage is "still going strong." Ivadelle is the mother of three sons and one daughter. Ivadelle was elected by voters to a six year term on the Des Moines Board of Education and was voted to a second six year term. She served several times as Board President. She was elected President of the Des Moines Junior League and was Regional Director of Assn. Junior Leagues of America. She is also a member of the Central Presbyterian Church in Des Moines Order of the Knoll and Ring of Life.