Jackie Powell

Honored by:Ames Area Alpha Phi Alumnae
Brick location:E:12  map

Jackie's deep commitment in offering her assistance to Alpha Phi Sorority began when her daughter Jill pledged the Zeta Delta chapter at Iowa State University in 1983. Jackie and her husband Kirwin residents of Ames immediately became energetic parental supporters. They gave many volunteer hours in assisting the sorority house both financially and with physical labors of love.

For those of us fortunate to work with Jackie we were thrilled when she later accepted our invitation to become an alum initiate of Alpha Phi Sorority in 1985.Her support and interest were greatly appreciated in assisting this recently installed collegiate chapter at Iowa State. She went on to become involved with Ames Area Alpha Phi Alumnae and the Zeta Delta House Corporation Board. Her artistic endeavors were much in evidence during the redecorating process of the main living areas. She enjoyed using her talents helping to coordinate the step by step selections.

The unselfish giving of herself in several projects will not be forgotten by those who worked with her. As an Iowa State graduate it seems quite fitting that Jackie's memory be cast in such a beautiful and meaningful environment as this "Plaza". She will always be remembered fondly as... "A FRIEND IN ALPHA PHI"

Thank you Jackie for sharing your love - from the Ames Area Alpha Phi Alumnae - 1995