Jacqueline Jo Dassler

Honored by:Deborah Dassler and Cynthia Dassler
Brick location:F:20  map

We are proud to dedicate this brick in the Plaza of Heroines to honor our mother, Jacqueline Jo Dassler. She is a woman who throughout her life has always given of herself to help others and who exemplifies the ideal role-model of a women successful in life. Here is her story.

Jacqueline Jo Eslick was born in Detroit, Michigan on July 12, 1941, to Rachel and John Eslick. After her parents' divorce in 1946, she grew up in a single-parent home with her mother in Golden, Colorado. From the time she was 8 years old she became the strength of her family, first in the support of her mother and then in the support of her daughters. At age 19, she married an Army officer and graduate from the Colorado School of Mines, Robert G. Dassler.

In 1962 she had her first daughter, Cynthia, and in 1964 her second, Deborah. However, in 1964, at the same time she was to celebrate the new life of her daughter, she endured the death of her husband. This left her with two small children and many decisions. She found the strength within herself to move back to Colorado and raise us, her two children. When both of us were in elementary school, our mother attended college and in 1973 received her nursing degree from Presbyterian Medical Center School of Nursing in Denver, Colorado.

She continued with school and received a Bachelors of Science in allied health in 1975 from Colorado Women's College and a Masters of Science in health education in 1978 from the University of Northern Colorado. With her education, she progressed from an operating room (OR) nurse to an OR instructor to the director of a hospital OR and to an administrator in several aspects of health care. We grew up while she attained her degrees and advanced in her work.

She became our role model, showing us that women can be anything they want to be and succeed in life. She showed us how important it is to have an education and how to open the doors to our future. From her example, we learned the strength and courage necessary to fight for our dreams and our goals. She exemplified leadership, resourcefulness, creativity, and organization in all aspects of her life.

She gave unselfishly of herself so that we could have a well-rounded background and build experiences for our future. For example, we traveled, camped, fished, and attended theaters and concerts. With this, she instilled in us appreciation and compassion for everything around us.

The home she provided us was a loving and healthy environment, one in which many of our friends and relatives adopted as their second home. Her giving extended beyond her work and children. She supported and cared for her mother throughout the years. In addition, she always found the time to help her widowed aunt take care of everything from her yard to her health care. She has always been there for any member of her extended family and is often sought after for her opinions and advice on health issues. To others, she is a mother, teacher, advisor, or friend.

Growing up, both of us considered our mother our hero, the woman who we wanted to be like. She has given us the opportunities and background to become strong, successful women. Today, she still shines our beacon of strength, courage, compassion, and love - our reminder of who we are and what we can become.

Thank you Mom. With much gratitude and love - Cynthia and Deborah Dassler