Jacquelyne Nesset Manatt

Honored by:Carolyn Cornette
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Each year Story County Women's Political Caucus honors "Women Who Contribute to Social and Political Change". In 1994 Jacqueline Manatt was a recipient of that award. Perhaps Jacqueline Manatt knew the name of Carrie Chapman Catt when she became a political volunteer. Perhaps not. One thing is certain Jackie's interests have strongly paralleled those of Carrie Chapman Catt.

Jackie has spent countless hours promoting voter participation; the legacy of the passage of the 19th amendment. As president of both the League of Women Voters of Ames and the League of Women Voters of Iowa, Jackie has worked diligently to encourage citizens not only to vote but to also accept the responsibilities that accompany the right to cast a ballot. Ames has recognized her leadership by asking Jackie to chair several city-wide committees: Friends of Ames, City Hall, Town Center Review Committee, City of Ames Planning and Zoning Commission, Celebrate Ames Committee. She has participated as a member on many other city and county committees and commissions.

Jackie generously shares her talents with Collegiate United Methodist Church/Wesley Foundation. Perhaps her most important contribution has been as a much respected seventh grade Sunday School teacher since 1974. She has also provided leadership to the Ames Education Foundation and to Chapter HN PEO. A graduate of Iowa State University B.S. in English in 1965 and M.S. in Education 1970 Jackie is now a member of the professional staff of Iowa State University as manager of Science Bound.

She and her husband, Richard, have one daughter, Megan. Jacqueline Manatt is a woman who has made significant contributions to social and political change in Ames and in the whole of Iowa.