Jana Marie Eichhorn

Honored by:Barb and Les Licklider
Brick location:B:15  map

This is to honor my very special niece for the beautiful woman you are becoming. You don't know it yet but you have some very special jobs ahead of you. You see, as much as some of us are still trying, the world is still not always a wonderful place for women. Right now young women like you are the inspiration for many of us.

When I get frustrated almost to the point of quitting as I labor in the man's world in which I work I have a good friend who always reminds me that we persist to make things better for the next generation of women who follow us. I then tell myself "I'm doing this for Jana. I can't quit." You are only beginning to dream the dreams about what your life will be. I know you will make a difference in this world with your cheerfulness your optimism your hard work and your intelligence.

I don't know yet what you will choose to do. I only trust that you will continue to make this world a better place for all who follow you. The world is yours my beloved niece. May you be all that you can be.