Jane E. Moseley

Honored by:Grover and Gladys Hertzberg
Brick location:PAVER:30  map

It was the incredible good fortune of Theta Delta Chi fraternity to have had Mrs. Jane E. Moseley as its housemother for twenty-two years. From the beginning, her charm and grace won the affection of the members, their parents, and guests.

Dietitian, purchasing agent, overseer, planner, hostess, teacher, historian, mediator and advisor are among the many roles a housemother may play. With uncommon skill, sensitivity and impartiality, Mrs. Moseley starred in them all. Whenever she found it necessary to admonish or criticize, it was always constructive in nature. She could enter into the spirit of fraternity activities without losing her dignity.

Mrs. Moseley was the object of intense pride and devotion among the fraternity members. She will always have a special place in the heart of each of them.

Submitted on 2/24/95

Paver Inscription:

"Mrs. Jane E.
I Have Found
My Ideal
So It Seems"