Jane Hogan

Honored by:Sarah and Jill Hogan
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We are the two daughters of Jane Hogan. We are thrilled to be able to share with readers insights in how she has filled three of her life roles most important to us—mother, grandmother and politician.


Mom is special to the two of us and our four brothers for many of the common reasons children thank their mothers. She allowed us space to be ourselves in a large family. She "is always there for us." Her return to work outside the home probably ensured that we could go to college if we wished. However, there is something that sets her apart from other mothers. She gave us summertime in Minnesota. We spent a month at our family cabin every year with her. During that time it was not uncommon for our Dad to have to take the car and return to Iowa to work during the week. Her desire to spend that time swimming, fishing and canoeing with her children has given the family some wonderful summer memories.


She continues to spend time at the cabin with the children in her family. This special summer time has come to be known as "Nana camp" to the current generation of kids. Her willingness to care for her grandchildren for weeks at a time in Minnesota or at her current residence in Omaha has allowed us to pursue additional coursework important to our careers, helped us in our times of child care crisis and given us vacations with our husbands. She has been known to tell friends "I am changing the world one grandchild at a time."


Her involvement in politics has served as an important example for us. We remember her work on campaigns both as a volunteer and as a staff person for a congressional candidate. We remember her efforts as a librarian working to gain the same pay and benefits given to other city employees. We remember that as a staff person for Communications Workers of America, she helped women organize new locals. We remember her service to the state committee which examined comparable pay for state employees. It is all these memories of our mother which have prompted us to submit her name for the Plaza of Heroines.