Jane Jensen-Warsaw

Honored by:The McGlade Children
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Jane resides with her husband Ed on a barrier island on the coast of N.C.. The mother of six children, Jacqueline McGlade, Professor of History at Monmouth College, N.J.

Michael McGlade Administrator of Internal Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, NE.; Patricia McGlade Garde Marger Chef Country Club Raleigh, NC; Timothy McGlade Administrative Associate Pathology Dept. University of Texas Medical Center Galveston, TX.; Stephan McGlade Sonagrapher Omaha, NE.; and James McGlade Architect graduate of Iowa State University and resident of Charlotte, NC.

She is very proud of their accomplishments and hopes they have been influenced by her philosophy in raising them.

She has always believed strongly in self reliance and responsibility. Even though the family unit sharing and helping each other have been high on her priority list she has believed that individuality should not be sacrificed. Jane spent her career in health care. As a registered nurse she held many positions both clinical and administrative. She returned to the classroom when her children were all in school and received a Bachelor degree in Business and a Master's in Public Administration. At this point she set out in a new direction and for the next fifteen years she assisted health care administrators and providers in planning selecting and implementing computer based clinical information systems. In 1983 following a short period with a national consulting firm she started her own consulting company and from her base in N.C. served clients all over the Western World. Finally in 1990 she retired from the business world and since has devoted herself to civic affairs. Among her activities she dedicates many hours as a state board member and treasurer of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina.