Jane W. Lohnes

Honored by:Molly Jane Lohnes
Brick location:B:20  map

No words can begin to describe Jane W. Lohnes. The aura of love and amiability that surrounds her will never be surpassed. She cares for all living beings and in her presence this can be felt. Never has she spoken a negative word about anyone or anything. She has the ability to make any situation a time to be remembered. She displays a passion for life which should be shared by all. These qualities shine through even in times of pain and sorrow; she can always find the bright side. She exemplifies the true meaning of womanhood as she successfully and simultaneously plays many roles. As a mother and wife she provides support, dedication, understanding and patience; she nurtures and teaches us what a good person should be and we learn by her example. As an employee of Iowa State University she is genuinely concerned with the well-being of students and goes out of her way to assist them.

As a female she quietly and tactfully fights for the rights of not only women but all people. Her contributions may not have been displayed in a public arena and may never be noticed by some but in this small way her accomplishments can be recognized. People with her pureness of heart and sincerity are scarce. This brick is a symbol of her vitality and also a means of letting her know her efforts are recognized and appreciated. No person is more worthy of honor; she is truly a heroine.