Janet Polson Walkup

Honored by:Holly Walkup-Carter
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I am writing to honor my wonderful mother and to list her name among other special women in the place she called "home" during her college years.

My mom is the most thoughtful, caring, and loving person I know and she holds a special place in the hearts of many. She came to ISU in 1955 from Cherokee, Iowa. While at Iowa State she participated in numerous extracurricular activities, was a valued member of the Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity, and also managed to become a member of Mortar Board as well as many other educational honoraria's. She received her degree in Applied Art in 1959 but chose initially to make her family her career.

Three adult children later, she has begun to pursue the career she never originally made time for. She is a tremendously talented freelance calligrapher and she is finally doing what is right for her rather than what is right for everyone else. My mom always encouraged us kids to be self-reliant and independent yet never to lose sight of being kind and thoughtful to others. While we were growing up she always made time for us and I always felt I could tell her anything. She was my best friend and she is still the person I go to for wise advice and counsel.

She makes a positive impact on everyone she meets and she is always there when her family and friends need her. I too attended Iowa State, became a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity, and just recently became a mother. It is my most ardent hope that I will be as important to my daughter, as loving to my family and friends, and as caring a human being to the rest of the world as my mother has been in her life.

I love you Mom!

Holly Walkup-Carter (I. E. '83)

Submitted on 2/20/95