Janice Warren Petrick

Honored by:Nancy Petrick Almasi
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I am honoring my mother, Jan Petrick, for reasons which are difficult to put down on paper. I am celebrating her as a mother, friend, and mentor. Jan is a wonderful mother, someone I emulate now that I have a child of my own. She has loved me unconditionally, encouraged my talents, and supported my every goal. She has applauded my successes while softening my failures. I have watched her quietly sacrifice personal goals for the benefit of her family.

Jan is a wonderful friend, my best friend. I have openly discussed virtually everything with her and will always value her input. Together we are able to find humor in everyday situations and agree that sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Jan is a wonderful role model. She has been faced with health and physical challenges, the most significant of which being breast cancer. I have watched her fight gracefully for her recovery. Rather than falling victim, she has challenged it using her talents to educate, counsel, and support other women facing the same ordeal through the American Cancer Society Reach for Recovery program. She has served as an advocate for prevention, early detection, and education of this disease affecting millions of women.

That is what Jan is to me. To others, she is a wonderful wife, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and co-worker. She continues to make a remarkable difference in my life and the lives of others, and for that she is my heroine.