Jean Katoski-Woock

Honored by:Susan Hancock
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JEAN KATOSKI WOOCK In the inspiring words of Henry Ward Becker "The mothers heart is the child's school" we the children grandchildren and great-grandchildren wish to pay tribute to our mother Jean Katoski Woock on the celebration of her eightieth birthday. Over the years her own faith, hope and love in God has been manifested in providing her children with the comforts of childhood. She has bathed us in love and understanding and even in her moments of having to be stern with us we came to understand that this was meant only to prepare us for life's future responsibilities and order as adults. We have witnessed her talents and accomplishments in caring for her husband now deceased and for her children family members and life-long friends. She was a staff member at the Waterloo Elks Club for thirty-one years and was regarded there as a pleasant responsible and creative co-worker and was so honored with a tribute at the time of her retirement at the age of seventy. The hum of mother's sewing machine is a familiar sound to us all. Our requests for something special to be made or unending mending are always granted. Many family members and friends have been the recipients of her creative sewing machine crafts as gifts. Her past and present retiring years are spurred on in the interest first and foremost of the well being of her family. We love her for this.

Volunteering in the church hospital gift shop nursing home and senior citizens center along with maintaining her life long friendships also keeps her busy. Her love of sports began in high school when she herself was a champion girls basketball player. She watches sports with great interest and enthusiasm and can critique the games with many knowledgable comments about the players and their performance. Mother is most pleased and happy when her family can gather for a reunion in her home. We her children wish to remember our mother for her acts of love and motherly care.