Jeanette M. Blanchard Buckingham

Honored by:Faculty and Staff of Roosevelt Elementary School
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We are honoring Jeanette M. Blanchard Buckingham as an Exceptional Educator.

Jen has devoted her life to teaching students and fellow staff members. In 1961 Jen began her teaching career as a second grade teacher in Cherokee, Iowa. She moved to the Ames Community School District in 1963, and for the next nineteen years she was extremely successful as a classroom teacher in kindergarten, first, and second grade. In 1982 Jen extended her teaching to students in kindergarten through sixth grade when she became the Media Specialist at Roosevelt Elementary School. ,For the last nineteen years, Jen has provided a State-of-the-Art Media Center for students at Roosevelt Elementary School in Ames, Iowa.

Jen is an outstanding facilitator of knowledge. She has enriched the lives of countless students, teachers, and administrators. Jen has been a pioneer in the implementation of excellent Media Centers in Ames and in the State of Iowa. Because of Jen, Roosevelt Elementary School's Media Center is a living example of a model Media Center. Teachers and administrators from across the district and the state travel to interview Jen to see the Media Center and to learn how to create an exceptional Media Center.

Jen's expertise is recognized both locally and state-wide. She has been asked to chair and to serve on numerous committees in the Ames School District such as the Cadre for Training Teachers Curriculum Design Committees, the Instructional Media Committee, the Technology Committee, the Language Arts Cabinet, and the Curriculum and Instruction Team. She has been commissioned to be on committees within the State Department of Education and was responsible for developing a Teacher Resource Center in the Ames Staff Development Building. We are honoring Jen for her exceptional teaching abilities, her expertise in the Media Center, and her personal attributes, which make her such a valuable and unique educator.

May 3, 2001