Jeanne Putsch Cable

Honored by:R. L. Carstens and James Cable
Brick location:E:12  map

A woman that was liberated before the term became popular. She knew no limits to what could be accomplished to help others achieve their goals or her own with hard work and understanding. She did not accept the words "I can't" or "It can never happen." She lived to help others achieve their goals.

She gained strength and satisfaction in supporting her boys and husband in achieving their goals in scouting and engineering. Encouragement was constantly forthcoming when each one of her men was at a low point. She provided the same encouragement to those scouts who did not have a mother or father to help them see a need to succeed in scouting and life.

Jeanne was always available to aid those in need of material or spiritual help in their life. Her home and time were open to all who called or knocked on the door. She could find a way to make you smile and try again when you thought you were at the end of the line.

This was a woman who endured the loss of a daughter, family deaths due to cancer, public opinion during a war in which her husband was fighting and was wounded, and a long and difficult cancer fight of her own. She never asked for sympathy and always practiced positive thinking as a way of combating her physical and psychological problems.

She was the most wonderful wife, mother and friend that a family and friends could ever ask for. Few can achieve what she did in such a quiet way. We will miss her, but we will see her works in many of the people that she touched in her time on this earth.