Jeannette Bohnenkamp

Honored by:League of Women Voters of Ames
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2011 Carrie Chapman Catt Award to Jeannette Bohnenkamp
Ames League of Women Voters

Jeannette Bohnenkamp, a member of the Ames League of Women Voters since 1982, has been selected to receive the 2011 Carrie Chapman Catt Award. In the local League, she has served as observer corps chair, co-president-elect, co-president (2004-2006), and co-meeting planner. Relatively new League members serving on the board for the first time commented on Jeannette’s kindness, patience, willingness to answer their questions, and generally help them understand how League operates. She was an effective mentor, exhibiting dedication to League principles and ideals.

Jeannette participated in the local study on “Transportation Needs in Story County” and in the local component of the national study on “Immigration”. She has been a long-time observer of various government entities, currently observing the Planning and Zoning Commission. She has assisted with League-sponsored events such as voter registration and candidate forums, planning the LWVIA Convention in Ames in 2005, hosting visitors from Ukraine in 2006, and helping with “Ready to Run” in conjunction with the Catt Center for Women and Politics.

Jeannette was elected to two terms on the LWVIA Board of Directors (1999-2003). In that capacity, she was responsible for membership activities, maintaining mailing lists for the Iowa Voter and LWVIA Legislative Newsletter, and serving as liaison with the publisher. She continued to handle distribution of the LWVIA Legislative Newsletter after leaving the board.

As a member of the Ames community, Jeannette has been active in her neighborhood association, gathering petitions to oppose zoning changes and commercial development in the neighborhood. She is a long-time member of Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union, and Story County Community Housing Corp. She volunteers for RSVP. Jeannette is an active member of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and serves on the Wine and Wisdom Committee that plans adult education events. She takes politics seriously, attending party caucuses and working at precinct polls during elections.

We are pleased to honor Jeannette with the 2011 Carrie Chapman Catt Award.

Jackie Manatt, Miriam Patterson, and Nancy E. Brown, chair
Catt Award Selection Committee