Jennifer L. Yetmar Jackson

Honored by:Jeff Jackson
Brick location:O15  map

Jennifer Yetmar was born on March 8, 1984, in Fort Dodge, IA. Jennifer's father is Thomas Yetmar and mother is Mary Yetmar. Her older sister is Theresa Yetmar. Jennifer attended St. Edmond Catholic School in Fort Dodge where she played basketball, volleyball, softball, and ran track. Basketball was her best sport and led her to many awards and recognition. Jennifer was accepted to Morningside College on a basketball scholarship. Before attending she made the decision to attend Iowa State University instead. She graduated ISU in 2006 with her Bachelor's degree in finance. Jennifer frequently says that one of her best decisions was attending Iowa State University and how the school shaped who she is.

Jennifer married her husband, Jeff Jackson (the author of this), on June 4, 2016. Jennifer has two children, Payton and Blake. Both are Cyclone fans. Jennifer works in the insurance field as a business analyst in Des Moines, Iowa.

Why is Jennifer a heroine? Jennifer is one of the strongest women I know. She has endured her mother being diagnosed with and defeating cancer. She has stood strong through a divorce and being a single mom for several years. She stood firm through job changes of her own and myself. She has been there and supportive when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She stood strong through the challenges of getting pregnant with our little Blake. She even triumphed when Blake had to be taken early and spent 10 days in the NICU while she had undergone a life-threatening surgery and blood transfusion. Through great loss, changes, struggles, and even outstanding joys Jenn has been a rock and stood strong. Don't get me wrong, she has felt the emotion and it has weighed on her. But she stood to fight each and every day.

Another reason that Jennifer deserves this honor, is because she has saved me. I have gone through some of the most difficult times in my entire life and Jennifer keeps lifting me up. She cheers me on, supports me, cries with me, and rejoices with me. Without her in my life I would be entirely lost. She is a strong foundation of love for me as well as my guiding compass forward. I want to honor Jennifer with this brick to be forever seen on the campus of her favorite place, Iowa State University, because all that she has given me, all that she has given for her parents, sister, friends, Payton, and Blake, she deserves to be lifted up and praised. This honor is the best way that I know how to even show her a fraction of how much she means to me, how much I respect her, and how strong I believe she is. A heroine is someone admired for their noble qualities. Jennifer is a true heroine. She volunteers her time to be Wonder Woman for kids with cancer, charities, special needs children, etc. She gives of her time to support others when they are in need. She is always finding ways to show others that she loves them. For four years everyday she puts a note in my lunch to encourage me and remind me of my value to her. A heroine is someone that saves the day. Jenn has saved my day, every day, always.

When I proposed to Jennifer I told her that even though her favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, that she is like Belle and not like Belle. Belle is strong and independent as well as she sees behind the Beast's gruff exterior and sees his heart. Jennifer is strong, independent and has seen through my flaws and faults to my greater heart. But Belle wasn't a princess until she met the Beast. I told Jenn that she is more like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (her favorite movie). Dorothy is the heroine of the story. She stands up for her friends, fights for what is right, and gives completely of herself. She saves the day. Jenn has saved the day for me in my life. Throughout, Dorothy says that she just wants to go home. I told Jenn that I want to be the home that she wants to be with throughout the adventures of life. A heroine is the principal female character in a story. In the story of my life and the life of so many that she touches, Jennifer is the principal female character. Meeting her was the day I truly came alive and my greatest adventures involve times with her.

There are lots of deserving women in the Plaza of Heroines here at Catt Hall. Jennifer truly belongs amongst them.