Jennifer Lynn Michel Lauer

Honored by:Marianne Michel
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A supporter of women's equality, Jennifer pursues her convictions with strength, dedication, and honesty. Her social conscience in working for others is a model for all to follow. As a daughter, granddaughter, sister, and wife she is generous and nurturing. Her flamboyance and joy are infectious to all who know and love her. Jennifer was born in Ames, Iowa in the spring of 1963.

She exhibited an early zest for life and was not content until she was able to interact actively with her environment which didn't take long. Upon the arrival of her two brothers, her nurturing qualities were quickly apparent. Jennifer spent her formative years in St. Louis. She excelled in writing and other creative arts and starred as the heroine in a class play. She was fascinated with the autobiographies of famous women.

She took charge of situations she encountered and exhibited a sense of responsibility at an early age. Her parents were often the recipients of fiery notes penned by Jennifer in response to some injustice. Her high school years were spent in Story City, Iowa. Her first impression was to question all the fuss over basketball. She worked hard on her parents' farm and contributed greatly to the functioning of the family through difficult times. Following in her father's footsteps as a journalism major at Iowa State she pursued her talents as a writer.

Her education included a greater awareness of social issues and injustices and a commitment to help resolve them. Writing continues as her vocation and avocation. Living in the Chicago area she volunteers her spare time and talents for others. Anyone making racist, sexist, or other unjust remarks can expect an immediate reprimand from Jennifer. Jennifer and her husband will soon experience the birth of their first child and then will know the same love and joy that her father and I know, the love and joy of nurturing and watching a child grow.