Jennifer Mullins Jones

Honored by:James A. and Sue B. Mullins
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The girl child who grew up "doctoring" sick and abandoned calves on her family farm is now a nurse. Not a doctor. When asked why she didn't set an M.D. as her goal, Jennifer Mullins Jones replied "Because I want to teach women to make and keep themselves well. I don't want to just treat illness."

Jones was graduated with honors from the University of Iowa College of Nursing. By the time she and her Iowa State Vet Med grad spouse Matthew located in Colorado Jones had enough work experience to know that she wanted further study in women's health. With two years' hospital experience behind her in cardiac intensive care women's reproductive oncology and labor and delivery at university and regional hospitals Jones was hired as the first labor and delivery nurse at a new suburban Denver hospital.

Much to her administrator's horror she informed the state public health certification team "You can open the rest of this facility. But you can't open this unit; we're not yet ready." Her professionalism garnered Jones a scholarship for advanced study from the county Medical Association and from her hospital.

Infant James Riley Jones attended his mother's MSN graduate ceremony in his dad's arms. With an advanced degree in Women's Health from the University of Colorado Jones shortly passed the national CNP exam in her field. She was hired quickly by a growing OB/GYN practice serving low-income Hispanic women teens and Colorado's growing Yuppie community.

Jones and her (now) family of four (infant Rachel Mae was born in 1995) are renovating both a house and an acreage. The space and view of Colorado's eastern slope are important sources of renewal to both parents. And Jones is again "doctoring" calves.


Paver Inscription:

"Women of our Family
Helen Blunt
Hellen Mullins
Sue Blunt Mullins
Jennifer Mullins Jones
Gesa Zinn Mullins"

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