Jill Ingledue

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Jill Ingledue
Administrative Operations Manager
Environmental Protection Department.

Born 1947; B.A. San Jose State University 1970; M.A. John F. Kennedy University 1989; married.

Jill has been employed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) since 1972. She began her career as a Recruiting Coordinator, and during her twenty three years of service has moved into increasingly more responsible positions of leadership and management. In February, 1990, she joined the Environmental protection Department (EPD) as Assistant Department Head for Administration. During these last five years she has taught us many things: to acknowledge our own abilities - the most important; and to recognize that "the purpose of life as a woman is to ascend to the throne and rule with heart."

During her tenure at LLNL, Jill's focus became two fold. She not only worked to develop her own career, but she also reached out to other women, peers, subordinates, friends, and strangers to mentor and assist with personal as well as career development goals. Jill's dedication has been to enlighten each of us to women's contributions to life, society, and to each other. She mandates awareness, education, and development of those abilities in all the women whose lives she has touched. She is an advocate of diversity, and through her efforts much has been accomplished to further enhance diversity awareness and commitment. Jill served as the President of the LLNL Women's association, and continues to champion women in the workplace, and in the other roles they lead in life. She is active in the Community as a Counselor for the Tri-Valley Haven for Women, where she is an advocate for victims of rape and sexual assault, and with her support, become survivors.

In March, 1995, Jill will take a temporary assignment in Washington, DC, for the Department of Energy, Office of Quality Management, working in the leadership training program.

This is our tribute to her for all she has given. Through her commitment and boundless energy, she has been an inspiration and mentor for many women. Her visionary and creative approach to living life as a woman of the nineties has made a difference in the lives of all the women who have been honored to know her.

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