Joan E. Welch

Honored by:Ronald C. Welch
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This gift is given to honor my wife, Joan E. (Neubauer) Welch, who has been a true and unsung heroine for lo, these many years.

Some facts: Joan graduated from Iowa State University in the class of 1955 with a major in mathematics and minors in statistics and languages. She became a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honorary society. Joan and I were married in 1953 when I graduated, and she continued taking classes as a married woman. A married and pregnant woman taking classes in 1954 was, to say the least, an unusual event. Our first child was born in the spring of 1954 and Joan returned to school in the fall of 1954. This was not an approved activity by several Iowa State administrators at the time of registration. In fact it was strongly suggested that she go home raise her child and support her husband. Joan, along with her mathematics advisor Dr. Lindahl, visited with Dean Heiser about this and Joan was walked through registration in the old state gym by these two fine gentlemen the next day.

Joan did raise her children (two boys and a girl) and supported her husband until 1976 when she entered the work force as the administrative assistant at a local church (Memorial Lutheran Church and Student Center) that serves the students of Iowa State as well as faculty and local residents. She has wiped tears, laughed at jokes and offered congratulations to students for the past eighteen years.

Joan's sister and her husband are also Iowa State graduates, as well as three of their four children and two of their children's spouses. We have financially supported our respective Iowa State departments and WOI-FM for many years.