Joann Mae Randolph

Honored by:Jeptha Randolph Sr., Ritchie Randolph, Paul Randolph, Monica Dierks, Victor Randolph, Mellody Randolph, Jeptha Randolph Jr., and Madonna Gretten
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The following passages were written by Joann's husband and seven children, expressing their thoughts and reasons for honoring her with the title of "Heroine."

When Joann entered my life, the days were filled with happy times and love. We were married in the spring-time and we talked of love and planned our future years together. Over the years, our plans of family were fulfilled with three girls and four boys, all healthy and full of promise for their lives ahead. Joann has always been a winner: as a wife, as a mother and as a community activist. As our children matured and reached adulthood, she was always there for guidance when it was needed or a laugh or a smile during the happy times. Now during the middle-age years, Joann is content with her life. The many family gatherings and her grandchildren keep her bustling from one project to another. I am sure that the years ahead will bring Joann joy and happiness that she so richly deserves.
Dr. Jeptha F. Randolph, Husband

I have a mother who read to me, played with me, sang to me and even disciplined me. "OUCH my ear!" But most of all, I have a mother who loves me. Mom, I will always love you. Thanks for letting me be me.
Ritchie L. Randolph, Eldest Son (Friend of Bill W.)

We are two women now. Both with grown, independent daughters who still need the wisdom and support of their mothers. Regardless of the paths we choose, we continue to look for encouragement from the one person who is always there. Always a mother, but hopefully finally a friend. Mom, I love you...
Monica Joann Randolph Dierks, Daughter
Children: Shane Ann and Katherine Joann

Holidays were and still are special at my mom's house. She decorates the house and yard for all the holidays. This includes St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day and all the major holidays. As we kids grew up and moved away from home, it got harder and harder for all of the family to get home for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the years went by, Easter and Thanksgiving were dropped from the required attendance list, but to this day everyone is expected to be home for Christmas. If you're not, you better be dead or you'll get the wrath of mom and wish you were. In my job, I travel a lot, both in the United States and internationally. There were times when it looked like I may not make it home for Christmas. But I always did. There were a few years when mom called my boss to express her concern about this matter. Thank God I finally got her to stop doing this; however, my boss didn't want to get on the bad side of mom either. Over the years, mom has made every day special to me for just being her. Mom claims not to have much of a sense of humor, but she sure puts a smile on my face. I love you, mom.
Victor A. Randolph, Son

When I hear the name Joann Randolph, Mother of Seven is the unspoken title which is attached. She is a woman who definitely is the "central figure in an event or period" at least in our family. Words such as honest, giving, loyal, organized, "take charge," hospitable and high energy come to mind when envisioning her. Every one of her children and grandchildren knows how important family is to her. It is understood by all what this importance entails. It is through children of all ages that mom really shines. She personally likes the little children best, but the teenagers are drawn to her as well. I have seen her as a wisdom figure to teenagers who struggle with difficult home situations, peer pressure and everyday life. I have seen her as a cheerleader who encourages others to pursue their dreams and goals. For me the thing, I like best is that she is my mom. All of the things I see her do for others are returned to me as well. As I grow older, I see my mother in myself as I see my father. I know that the woman I am today is greatly influenced by her and this fills me with pride and happiness. Thanks, mom, know that you are loved!
Mellody Marie Randolph, Daughter

All our lives have been touched by my mother. Through the years, she has always stressed the strength of family. She raised us to know right from wrong. We learned that to make it in the world today it takes hard work and to be willing to pitch in to help not only family but your neighbors and community. She is a big part of who I am today. Love always.
Jeptha F. Randolph Jr., Son
Wife: Lorinda Children: Zachary, Cody, Eli