JoAnn Rogers

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JoAnn Rogers graduated from Iowa State University in May of 2006 with her PhD in sociology and a minor in Women's Studies. She currently is working as a Field Service Assistant Professor where she is teaching courses on Gender and Family. JoAnn says the what she loves most about her position is her ability to mentor students and work closely with them. In her spare time she is a mother of three children Jordan Nathaniel and Cassandra. She also is married to Shane Rogers who work for the EPA in Cincinnati. JoAnn is a compassionate and understanding person who we often saw taking time away from her work or studies to help a student prepare for class tutoring others or lending a shoulder to cry on. She was active on campus by serving on boards and committees as an athletic tutor as a teaching assistant and as an instructor. JoAnn encompasses all it means to be a feminist and we are proud to have had her touch our lives. We are pleased to honor JoAnn after knowing her as a student co-worker teacher friend and now as Dr. Rogers.