JoDene Harmon

Honored by:Kathleen Ashton, Erin Rial, Eric Rial and Marcy Welter
Brick location:A:9  map

Your children are honoring you by placing a brick in the Plaza of Heroines for the following reasons:

Being our mother required much more than a pacifier and a warrn hug. It required much more than merely putting food on the table without Dad. It required nerves of steel. What makes you special even in this plaza is the values you imparted: Your teaching the importance of asking why... Your showing us the importance of educating our brainy cells...The importance of doing the right thing ... The importance of changing when it wasn't the right thing.

Without you to let us know when you were disappointed to hug us when we were disappointed and to listen to us when we questioned the right thing we wouldn't be the people we are. We love you and thank you very much Mom. -Erin

Thank you Mom. How can I explain my gratitude and pride in having you as a mother as a role model? You gave me life. You molded me, guided me and protected me. You went beyond what is expected of a Mom and added your own special touches. You gave me sense of who I am and that I can dream the impossible dream. Without the ability to dream. I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am today and where I'll be tomorrow. Thank you Mom.

You gave me a sense of what is right and wrong. The world would not be in the shape it is today if other mothers were as effective at getting this point across to their children. Thank you Mom. You taught me that you should always tell the truth. In addition to this you taught me how to be tactful so that feelings are not unnecessarily hurt. Thank you Mom. You've alwavs supported me in all my endeavors even though vou knew I may be making a mistake. You allowed me to make my own mistakes. Thank you Mom.

You've shown me that a woman does not need a man to be complete to make it in life. A husband should be a partner not a lifeline. Thank you Mom. You've let me know that happiness is out there you just have to strive and work toward it. You live one life it may as well be a happy one Thank you Mom.

I could go on and on about what you gave me as a person as your child but this plaza would be too small to hold it all. I hope l've given you a sense of why I wished to honor you in the Plaza of Heroines. You've been more than a Mom. Your life has been one accomplishment after another. I'm proud of you you are my heroine. -Love Kathleen

To My Mother JoDene Elaine Rongved Rial Harmon- you are my heroine because you are constantly moving forward. You know when to hang on to people places and when to let go. You've been an inspiration to me because you taught me I could do anything and go anywhere.

You told me once that growing up you weren't sure of what you could do in life. You wanted many things; you accomplished more than you even expected. Your greatest accomplishments in life will be your children. We know what we can do because of your example. You didn't just raise five children you excelled in your work, became politically active and informed and now you've become a top notch business woman.

You should be honored in the Plaza of Heroines because of the life you've led. True leaders live by example and yours has been a fine one. Thank you Mom. -Marcy