Josephine C. Sieverding

Honored by:Mark Sieverding, Ann and Stan Scheiding, Laura and Bill Grams
Brick location:G:20  map

At 90 years of age, Josephine Roling Sieverding lives in her own home, cares for herself and dozens of African violets and each summer Josephine Sieverding plants, weeds, and harvests, her vegetable and flower gardens. Josephine has lived a life of sorrow with the early death of her husband Tony Sieverding and two of her young children; of hard work as a young widow raising two sons and of joy at the marriages of her sons and at the birth of each of her eight grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. Josephine has always been there to offer advice or say a prayer or bandage a knee for her family. She has been a life-long learner as an avid reader of health, garden, and political information. Josephine’s faith in God and her love of her family have been powerful forces in her life. Josephine Sieverding is a quiet, yet feisty heroine; destined for greatness in the hearts of those who love her.

Josephine died in 1998.

Submitted on 3/95