Joyce Campbell Arnold

Honored by:Beth and Blake
Brick location:K:11  map

A single mother with courage and strength. Teaching us to make our own choices and there to support us as we learn from our mistakes. She allowed us to develop our internal compass so that as adults, we now strive to be true to ourselves and those around us. Her commitment and hard work contribute to her success in her professional life. She is generous and kind, offering her shoulder to those around her, even in moments of her own struggles.

As a grandmother, she offers the ultimate unconditional love and devotion. Her grandchildren are sure to always know how much they are adored. Our admiration for her started when we were very young, knowing that life was not easy. We saw in her all of the things that we hoped to someday to be. She was also brave enough to let us see that we are all imperfect, but the important lessen in life is to learn from mistakes. I hold in my heart forever her favorite phrase, "It it's meant to be…".

With all our love and respect,
Beth and Blake