Joyce Connors

Honored by:Paula, Jill, Jenn and Mike
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Joyce Connors was born on May 5, 1946 to Dominick and Louise McWilliams. She grew up in Cuba City, WI as the third of five children. During her senior year at Cuba City High School she became the first woman ever elected class president. We still laugh every time she retells the story about how the principal held a "run off" because she won by such a narrow margin. She proceeded to win the second vote and later found out that even her competitor had voted for her.

After graduating, Joyce wanted to attend a trade school but didn't have enough money to do so. In order to raise the tuition money she went to work as a secretary in Dubuque, IA. She eventually met Tom Connors and they were married on June 21, 1967. She spent the next twenty years raising their four children: Paula, Jill, Jennifer and Michael. At about the same time that Paula and Jill started looking at colleges Joyce started thinking about what she would do once the kids were raised. She was interested in a counseling career but that required a college degree. So at the age of forty Joyce decided to return to school for a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

She attended Clarke College for four years and graduated with Highest Honors. After graduation she started a Battered Women's Center in Galena, IL and then went to work as an adoption counselor for Catholic Charities in Dubuque, IA.

 Growing up in the Connors household we were constantly surrounded by love and support. Through advice and example Mom taught us that there was nothing we couldn't do. She's always encouraged us to follow our own dreams even if she didn't understand them. She's cheered our victories and sympathyzed with our defeats. In short she did everything just right and we love her for it. 1995 - Paula, Jill, Jenn and Mike.