Joyce Kliebenstein

Honored by:James, Daniel, Shawn and Heather Kliebenstein
Brick location:E:20  map

Joyce Kliebenstein has had a profound and highly positive influence on those near hear and society in general. She has held onto family values and the importance of families when it was not the popular thing to do. Joyce was a woman before her time as society is now talking about values which she has used to direct her life. No one is more aware of this than her children (Dan Shawn and Heather) and her husband Jim. She is their greatest fan and supporter. She is a woman of great sacrifice finding it quite easy to utilize her talents to help in the betterment of those around her rather than for her own self interests.

Her lifetime has been devoted to family and working on improving things around her. She has an enormous amount of energy and the ability to focus groups into making a unified effort. Her positive attitude and focus is infectious for all her family members and those in public who have come to know her. Her abilities to see into people's emotions joys and fears allow her to provide well-timed words of support and encouragement. The motto of Joyce Kliebenstein is it is surprising what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. She never asks what is in it for her but will lead people to improvement.