Joyce Ludvicek

Honored by:Cheryl Taylor
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My Heroine-My Mom Joyce A. Ludvicek (Mom) was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as Joyce A. Tichy and married Ernest B. Ludvicek (Dad) of Cedar Rapids Iowa on April 17, 1963. She bore four children: Kathy 30; Mike 28; Cheryl 27; and Karol 25 and is also the proud grandmother of five grandchildren - so far!

As of 1991 Mom and Dad are retired from their 25 year business in the service station industry. Mom was the full-time company accountant and full-time mother of four with a handywoman sideline in the rental property business. Needless to say she was one busy lady! She now enjoys spending time with loved ones; traveling to various parts of the United States; antiqueing; and finding a good bargain at garage sales collectible shops and flea markets. From the time Joyce was the mother of four children under the age of five and one-half (this statement alone makes mouths drop every time!) and I remember her as my "Mom" until this day she has continued to amaze me with her saint-like qualities of incredible patience insight love courage and deep-hearted kindness. Although a little prejudice may be clouding my judgment I can honestly say I have never met another woman like her.

Repetitively my mother has consistently displayed examples of her genuine character. Taking four children to the grocery store pushing one shopping cart with a child on top one on the bottom and two hanging onto the sides while pulling a second shopping cart to put groceries in is in my mind a definite challenge of human patience. However in all that I remember about my mom I can't really recall her yelling atus or losing her patience. Oh I'm sure that it happened but she was not one to lose control in front of her children or others.

The things I remember most about my mom are things such as her constant jovial morning disposition; her endless amounts of energy; the way she made holidays extra special with that homemade touch; her love of our family being together; and the sweat on her brow as she canned pint after pint and quart after quart of garden vegetables and various fruits. I remember her helping us with our homework time after time; coming to every ball game or school event we participated in; purchasing that one more needed pair of tennis shoes; sewing that extra special prom dress; cooking those wonderful large meals from scratch that ended with a mouth-watering delicious dessert; and her warm smiles as she offered her unending support with big warm hugs and kind soothing words. This is my mom.

As a child I did not appreciate my mother for who she was or what she did. But as I grow older and look back on life as I now have my own family I often wonder how did she do it all and do it all so well? How will I ever be as good a mother as she has been? My mother is the ideal mother and a wonderful example of what all a mother should be. If I live up to only half of what she is I will give thanks to God and feel blessed. A wonderful contribution my mom has made to this world is being the best mother she knew how to be. Thanks for everything Mom.

I appreciate and love you more than words could ever begin to say... All my love your daughter Cheryl Taylor P.S. I miss you!!