Juanita H. Doud

Honored by:Cheryl Doud and Michele Cook
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The woman we have chosen to honor is our mother. She has given my sister and I so much more than life. Juanita Higdon Doud entered this world on August 15, 1925. The second of seven children and the period in our history shaped her life. This life has been anything but ordinary.

In the early 1930s she and most of her siblings were sent to the Annie Wittenmeyer home located in Davenport. My mother remained there until she graduated from high school. Her childhood proved to be one contrast. Better off than most children raised during the Great Depression it lacked the opportunities that might have been available in another atmosphere. My parents began their family later than most. To have children in your late 30's in 1994 does not seem as improbable as it did in 1961. For my sister and I it proved to be the best event that could have happened.

We were brought up with a tremendous amount of love the importance of family and the knowledge that no matter what happened my parents would always be there for us. Michele and I had the best of two worlds. We have the world of our generation; but we also had the world of my parents. I attribute my love for big bands and old movies to my mother and father. On the other hand they became introduced to and enjoy many aspects of my generation. Before the phrase "equality of the sexes" had been coined my sister and I had the concept instilled in us that we could do anything we wanted to if we wanted to. What does all this mean for the two of us? The opportunities remain endless for growth and achievement of goals knowing the family support will always be there.

 For these I will never forget and will always be grateful. Thank you mother and we love you. -Cheryl Doud and Michele Cook