Judith Ann Justus

Honored by:Ariane Justus
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To my mother's grandchildren:

Let me tell you about my mother, my friend. She is a daughter, a wife, a sister, a mother, an educator, a scientist, and a traveler of our world. Judith Ann was born December 20, 1948, the first child of John and Louise Monferdini. Her brothers John and Peter followed. She grew up in the small town of Dwight, Illinois. Fond memories of family Friday nights and adventures with good friends are among the stories I've heard.

On September 10, 1967 while attending Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois she met Gary Robert Justus; son of Stayton and Arlyne Justus. Their sweet romance blossomed into a loving lasting marriage of over 25 years at this time. They were married December 20, 1969 (on her 21st birthday!) at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Dwight.

Judi and Gary brought 2 children into our world. Ariane Marie was born July 1970 and Stayton Gary born December 2, 1980. To these children they demonstrated strong family values of trust respect for others and gave unconditional love. They instilled appreciation for diversity education and family togetherness. Their respect and love for one another is and exceptional example of a successful marriage.

Her years of teaching High School students in an alternative setting allowed her inherent gift of awakening a rare excitement in students to come to life. This combined with her devotion to the sciences brought her many opportunities to travel. Through her travels she shared grew explored learned and taught with many others.

My mother is beautiful, warm and caring on the inside. She is down to earth yet glamorous on the outside. As a teen-ager I was embarrassed to be likened to my mother's qualities and characteristics. As I grow older those same compliments are received with new appreciation and respect. It comforts me to think that all my mother's wonderful characteristics and even some that are not so wonderful will live on for generations!

I love you Mom.