Judith Ann Mitchell

Honored by:Barbara Ann Mitchell
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Born May 27, 1940 in Fremont, Wisconsin
Died October 10, 1999 in Menasha, Wisconsin

I am honoring my mother for one simple reason: she is the most important and influential person in my life. She is the glue that has always held our family together and she has always encouraged my brother and me to do our best and be ourselves. Her work ethics have been instilled in me over the years and are just now beginning to show through. Although she never attended college, she encouraged me to follow my dream to get a college education (which was her dream for me as well).

Now that I am finally graduating, I want to honor her for everything that she has done for me. She is my best friend. Even though we both have gone through hard times, we realize that we can count on each other to be there no matter what. I hope that as I grow older I will become the strong, kind, hard-working and beautiful woman that she is.

Submitted 2/13/95; updated 2/3/2014