Judith Q. Kane

Honored by:Kelly Kane Langefeld
Brick location:F:8  map

My mother has been an incredible presence in my life. I can see her on the sidelines routing for my softball team but mostly for me. She never missed a game. She told me I was beautiful when I was feeling scraggly and insecure. "You are your own worst enemy." She has given me confidence. She has always pushed me to realize that I am competent and intelligent. She is my confidant. I talk to her about what's really on my mind; she listens and trusts that I will make good decisions. She has infused my sister Kara and I with her independent spirit. She is my role model. She is a teacher who truly cares about her students. She and my dad have shown me the meaning and power of true love and friendship. She is my friend; she's the first person I want to call when something wonderful happens and the person I look to when things aren't so wonderful. My mother has given me a head full of memories and a lifetime of experiences that will be a continuous source of strength and inspiration throughout my life.