Judy Eide

Honored by:Friends and Colleagues in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
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Judy Eide worked in the student academic services unit in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences formerly Sciences and Humanities from 1980 until she took early retirement in 1996. Judy's primary responsibilities included office management for the unit and academic standards for the college. She handled both with dedication and professionalism. When colleagues discussed Judy's contributions to the office they almost always mentioned her sense of humor. No one ever got the last word! Judy had "classic" thoughts about the importance ofnot overdoing physical exercise the timeless acting talent of Tom Selleck the importance of fun vacations--taken frequently--and "personally" authorized and the necessity to get together with girlfriends to discuss the state of the world. Colleagues also mentioned Judy's willingness to help others: students staff personal friends. She was always there. Her academic standards responsibilities were often potentially stressful situations with students and/or parents. She was informed emphatic resourceful and compassionately firm. Many students had multiple visits with Judy and they nearly all left knowing and feeling that they had been treated fairly even if they hadn't gotten what they wanted. To serve in the front-line for such volatile encounters and not be the target of constant student complaints is a true testament to Judy's skills at conflict resolution and PATIENCE. Judy served on a number of office committees and teams. She was always prepared and brought forward thoughtful suggestions. People listened and respected her opinions. The Office and her colleagues will miss her contributions. Outside the office Judy enjoyed her friends and good dining; her daughter's graduation from Iowa State and keeping Debbie informed about the right kind of man; her sons' families and her grandchild. We know she will be very busy in retirement but we genuinely hope she will stop by often and keep us posted on her travels and activities. She cannot be replaced but we will all have the opportunity to remember her as a member of our Plaza of Heroines.