Julia Faltinson Anderson

Honored by:Marvin A. Anderson
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* Born near Conroy Iowa August 16, 1919
* Education in Conroy Public School
* Attended Iowa State University, B.S. Home Economics Education
* U of Washington, M.A. Home Economics Education 1947
* Lt.(Jg) USNR WW II 1943-46
* Married Marvin A. Anderson March 28, 1970

Julia’s professional and service activities were widespread and recognized at local, state, national, and international levels. In her career, she served as a county extension, home economist, a state 4-H Club staff leader, and for a period of 29 years served in administration in ISU's College of Family and Consumer Sciences as Associate Dean. Her assistance in international activities included service in the U.S. Navy during WW II, helping train Peace Corps volunteers, and as a director of work camps in Austria, Yugoslavia, and Malawi.

Since her retirement from ISU, she has been active as a member of the Mary Greeley Medical Center Board, the Iowa Division of the United Nations Association Board, a chair for the International Relations Committee of the Iowa Division of the AAUW, and the first woman to serve on the Iowa State Banking Board. Julia is a member of the Board of Governors of the ISU Foundation. She received the Helen LeBaron Hilton Recognition through her commitment to international affairs, pursued through work with UNESCO Partners of Americas and USAID. In 1993 Julia was named to the Iowa Women's Hall of Fame. 7/1/96

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"Julia Faltinson Anderson
Marietta Bamble Anderson
Mary Anderson Wislocki
Martha Anderson Stahl"