Julie Carson Cole

Honored by:Stuart Cole
Brick location:F:23  map

Frankly, I can't imagine a Plaza of Heroines without my wife's name on it. Her life can serve as an excellent example for any of today's young students. Julie is an I.S.U. graduate and enjoys a career in the Invest-ment/Banking field. She is respected by her peers and trusted by her clients. She is very involved in community organizations and church activities and all while doing a great job taking care of me and the children.

 Julie is an interesting and amazing blend. On one hand she's the confident career woman who's gotten where she is by being smart, organized, dedicated, honest, and always willing to increase her professional knowledge. On the other hand she's the "super-mom" who keeps our children and me fed, clothed and loved.

I want Julie in this Plaze because I love her. But it's more than that. I admire her. I'm amazed by her. She has qualities that I wish I had, yet to her "our qualities complement each other's". She would be successful anywhere, doing anything, yet she has chosen to share her life with me. I shall forever be proud and grateful.