Julie Hage Trusler

Honored by:Mari, Sara, Karlene and Darren
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We are honoring Julie (Hage) Trusler, our mother, on Mother's Day 1999, with this naming opportunity to acknowledge all that she has done for us and to recognize some of her many accomplishments.

First, her dedication as a mother. Mom has committed her life to raising, with our dad, four children. Although she has also built a very successful business, it has always been clear that her first priority is to her children. She is a wonderful mother! Her steadfast love and unwavering support for us has been an anchor throughout our lives.

Our mother has also been a role model for us in how we live our lives and raise our children. Her leadership is by example. She has taught us to care for others and give to our church and community. Mom is a very selfless person, in fact she can be selfless to a fault! In addition to the countless hours she has spent building her business, she has also given of herself by directing the church youth choir, teaching Sunday School, leading cooking classes for children and adults, serving on the board of Planned Parenthood, and participating with a school-sponsored parent board. By her life we have learned to always put people before things.

Through Mom's amazing work ethic and passion for cooking, she has also built a very successful business. Using her Home Economics degree from Iowa State, Mom created J.T.'s Cuisine - a restaurant and catering service in our family home in rural Newton. The food she prepares is truly amazing, serving five course meals seven days a week to groups of 6-30 people. It has become so popular that reservations are scheduled months even years in advance.

Mom began her business as a way to stay home with her children while earning income. Her desire to have a home-based business also provided experience and income for us. This kept our family together more and even created some unique discussion opportunities (especially during those teenage years). Even as a successful entrepreneur, she always made it clear to us as well as to her customers that her first and foremost responsibility was that of a mother. In fact, she stated right in the front of her menus that she did not accept working responsibilities on evenings when one of us had an activity. This also meant that she cancelled previously scheduled dinners.

Time and time again, Mom has proven that what's right is not always easy. She has set very high standards and we intend to live by those standards. She always told us "No one said life was fair." That's true, we are luckier than most.

We love you Mom!

Your children,

Mari Trusler Aylin '90, Sara Trusler Patkin '93, Karlene Trusler (Wartburg '98), and Darren Trusler '01.

Submitted May 1999

Paver Inscription:

"Julie Hage Trusler
ISU 1967"