Kami McWilliams Hartig

Honored by:Dick & Julie McWilliams
Brick location:K:25  map

Even though Kami was born and raised in Spirit Lake, IA, she was never far from Iowa State due to her grandparents and parents. She graduated from Iowa State in 1996 with a degree in Social Work and began working in a nursing home as a social worker. After that she worked for a large communications company and is currently Director of Administration Operations for an insurance/financial planning group in the Chicago area.

She was involved in many extracurricular activities all through her school years and felt fortunate to have these activities available.

She has championed equal rights, especially for women. She is involved with charity work, as her schedule allows, and is a member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood. She grew into a compassionate and loving woman, and all her experiences, including those at Iowa State, have been a part of the person she has become.

She loves traveling and camping, and will do these activities as often as possible.

Kami is related to at least thirty-one family members who have Iowa State ties! She is proud of her heritage, and we are proud of her!

Submitted 3/6/2014