Karen A. England

Honored by:Gilbert Skoczek
Brick location:F:19  map

Karen A. England like many women of Iowa State lives the Carrie Chapman Catt creed. Even before her graduation in 1972 she worked to better women's lives at ISU by challenging the roles of women on campus. Count her among the women of the 70's whose trail-blazing changed forever women's roles in the work place. In the 1970's Karen earned her MBA which at that time was an unusual achievement for a woman. In the 1990's she is again a leader by becoming an entrepreneur starting her own business and creating jobs and opportunities for others.

While these achievements bring us to 1995 I am sure that the decades to come will see her contributing even more to the betterment of women and society. Karen is truly a heroine as shown by her leadership trail-blazing and personal sacrifice. Her contributions when joined with past and present generations' contributions have changed the world forever for the betterment of all women and the human race. This is why I have chosen to honor my wife Karen A. England in the Plaza of Heroines.