Karen A. Larsen

Honored by:ADP Center
Brick location:B:20  map

We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to honor our mother, Karen A. Larson.

Mom has been a long-time employee of Iowa State and will soon have her office relocated into the renovated Catt Hall. Both my brother and I graduated from Iowa State and frequented Mom's office through our years on campus. I'm not sure, but I think at both graduations Mom was more relieved about the signed diploma than either of us.

We feel very blessed to have such a supportive and understanding mother. Few people take advantage of the friends they have in their own parents, we've been very lucky.

My brother and I would like to have a paving brick placed into the Catt Courtyard to remind Mom of how much we love and appreciate her; although it isn't said often enough, she will be reminded daily as she enters Catt Hall.

We appreciate the opportunity to show our mother how much she means, not only as our mother, but as our friend.