Karen A. Lischer

Honored by:Mark Smith
Brick location:E:4  map

I am donating a brick in honor of my spouse Karen A. Lischer. Karen was born in Creston, Iowa on Decmber 16, 1953. During her first few years of life she was quite ill due to duplication in her urinary system. After a series of operations she was able to move into adulthood without symptoms. This perilous beginning might have contributed to Karen's deep sense of compassion toward others. She was also raised in a family where her parents always supported equality and felt a passion for ending discrimination against women. She was raised with strong self-esteem and Karen developed a desire to fight against injustice existing in our world.

Karen trained as an instrumental music teacher and taught for two years at Woodbine, Iowa. She then moved to Colorado where she worked at the Women's Center at the University of Colorado at Denver. Karen returned to her home state in 1986 and we were married. In 1993 she was a founding member of the Democratic Activist Women's Network She has been active in issues of women's rights equality and political action all of her life. She is the daughter of Ray and Shirley Lischer. Her sister is Susan Lewkow and her brother is Arthur Lischer. She is married to Mark D. Smith and has one daughter Allison Elizabeth Smith.