Karla Embleton

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Wife, mother, daughter, friend, scholar, teacher, advisor, mentor, leader, volunteer. In all of these roles, everyone can count on her to follow through, get the job done, and be there if you need someone to lean on. From completing her PhD at Purdue after one of her early professors told her that engineering was a man's profession - to teaching herself new crafts such as pottery, basket making, and knitting - to helping faculty learn new ways to use software to help students learn - she has a lifelong passion for learning that shows in all that she does. With this brick, I honor Dr. Karla M. Embleton to let her know how much I love her and how proud I am that she agreed to share her life with me.  Love Steve.


To our mom on her 20th Mother’s Day, we dedicate this brick in honor of everything that you have done for us, the love you have given us, and the years of learning and support that you have shown us. We are so proud of everything that you have accomplished and we are thankful that you have been there for us in every step of our lives. We know that we wouldn’t have grown into the young women we are today without your guidance, and we hope to return the favor by always loving you and being there for you unconditionally with open arms and a smile. Love always, Cierra and Maria.

Honored by:

Steve Freeman, husband
Cierra Freeman, daughter
Maria Freeman, daughter