Katherine Annin

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April 21, 1917 - February 12, 2004

Katherine Bruntlett Annin was born on April 21, 1917, in Minneapolis, Minn. She graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis. She began her college studies at the University of Minnesota, but graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in household appliances in 1939.

After graduating, Katherine worked briefly with Minnesota Power and Light in Coleraine, MN. In early 1940, she received an appointment to the Bureau of Home Economics in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, working first in Washington D.C. and then at the Research Laboratories in Beltsville, Maryland.

Katherine was married in 1942 to Phillip W. Bailey, but returned to the USDA shortly as her husband was missing in action early in 1943. She left Beltsville to become a Regional Home Economist with Rural Electrification Administration. Her territory covered the two Dakotas, Minnesota, and after six years, also Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

In 1953-54, she was a graduate student at Ohio State University, receiving an MS in Home Management in 1954. Early in 1955 she joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin college of Agriculture and Home Economics as a home management specialist in the Extension Service. She retired in 1968 when she married Gerald E. Annin.

Grandmother: Rowena Edson Stevens, class of 1873. John C. Stevens of Muscatine is a cousin of Katherine. Katherine's interest in Carrie Chapman Catt stems from her mother, Edith Stevens Bruntlett, class of 1904, telling of Mrs. Catt being in their home in Boone. 7/10/95