Kathleen Cleveland

Honored by:Emily Flom
Brick location:A:25  map

Kathleen Palmer Cleveland

I have dedicated this brick in honor of my mother because she is an incredible woman that inspires everyone who meets her. Our family has had many difficult times and some rough beginnings but no matter how difficult things became my mother adapted and carried forward without knowing what the future might hold.

She provided me with love and support when no one else was willing or able to support me. My mother guided me the best way she knew how and if she couldn't resolve a problem she found someone who could. She has been a pillar of strength throughout my life and I could not have made the advancements I have been capable of without her.

 In her strength she has provided a legacy of health and confidence that extends to everyone in our family as well as those she helps. She believes in me and gives her time and attention to our family selflessly. Her love and guidance not only improved my life but will effect all of the future generations in my family to come.

 Today she is a Doctor of Education a mother of three a wife a leader and my best friend. I hope that I can provide for my children and family all of the strength support and love that she has given us. She is a perfect role model of compassion courage and happiness.

 She currently lives in Big Canoe Georgia a place in the mountains that fills her with joy. My mother earned her B.A. in English from St. Olaf College in 1971 her Masters in Music from Washington University in 1974 and her Ed.D. in Education from Nova Southeastern University in 1998. My mother gives time energy and support to her community and numerous charities. She has also been a participant and president of the Atlanta Sacred Chorale for many years; and is a curriculum director for the Connecting Link. One of her favorite quotes is "look look look at the fish" which comes from her favorite professor at Nova. He encouraged my mother to look and continually look again at her work to see something new there each time. This came from a very interesting fish on his wall that you could also do the same with hence the quote.

 I think this is the perfect quote to describe her life and depth of spirit. Each time I look at my mother I see more and more of the love and support she has given me throughout my life and what she has given to so many others as well. I love her very much and am blessed to have had her as a mother.