Kathryn Lynn Craig

Honored by:Kay Swanson Craig
Brick location:PAVER:15  map

Daughter of Kay Swanson Craig and Patrick J. Craig Granddaughter of Edgar P. and Irene Warner. Swanson and Tom and Helen Hupke Craig.

 How delighted we were to have a second beautiful daughter on August 5 1979! It's been fun watching you and Suzy grow up--what memories we have! I hope you're best friends for a long long time. Sisters are special! It will be a joy to watch your bright future unfold! I wish for you health and happiness always Dear. You're a delightful daughter and I'm so proud of you! Such a spunky little gal you were with sparkling bright blue eyes and curly blond hair always on the go!

 Too quickly you've blossomed into a beautiful statuesque teenager eager to learn with a "go get 'em" attitude. You've made my job as mom easy because you are a conscientious young lady enthusiastic and hard-working. I admire your take-charge attitude and the business-like way you do things. I always know exactly where I stand with you; you're quick to anger but just as quick to forgive or apologize. I love the warm "huggy" you! I wouldn't trade you for anything in the whole world! The disappointments in your life have helped make you a really caring person. You are learning to be a true friend-supportive a good listener and fair. In reaching out to others you share your joy and talents. From bassoon to cheerleading to mock trial to dance to 100th Green Butterfly--you're involved and enjoy many different activities. You're 99% successful and strong enough to take the other 1% and put it in perspective. A real animal-lover Lady is your special friend. I won't be surprised if you choose a career that involves animals. Remember all your special birthday parties! Your plunger peg leg and the treasure hunt for your pirate party. Gpa was the ring master you a darling little clown at your circus party. You looked so cute in your miniature tuxedo as you performed magic tricks at your magic party. Your new Crawford friends enjoyed their liters of pop whole pizzas and Do-Biz cookies at your first birthday party here in Ames; an Ames High party and now a dozen red roses for Sweet Sixteen!

 What exciting and educational family vacation trips we've taken from coast to coast and border to border. The mountains to the oceans Disneyland Washington D.C. Old Faithful the Vancouver World's Fair and now Disney World and Hurricane Erin!

What fun we've had with your cousins Melissa and Laura David and Roxanne Aunts Lynn and Beth and Grandma Swanson! So many time I've "burst my buttons" with pride Kathy! Your first dance recital in the green and white frilly costume! Your piano recitals--impressing us all with your nimble fingers! Shirley Temple --"Better than the real Shirley" your teacher said. You "wowed" us all. Cheerleading - so cute and energetic! 1+ bassoon solo duet quintet Iowa State Honor Band Opus Honor Choir Pep choir solos Accompanying the high school chorus Your good grades! Compliments about you from your teachers your friends and their parents! Your cooking delights--hard on the waistline!

 Kathy you're terrific! You make me very proud! love you!

----Kathy Dear,

 I'm as proud as your mother and so pleased she honored you in the Plaza this way! When the cousins Laura Roxanne David and Melissa come to Ames for our reunions you can show them your name and Suzy's too. You know how special you were to Grandpa Ed--appreciate the poems you wrote to both of us. It's so nice you're here for the dedication of the Plaza of Heroines. From the time you heard Jane Cox's presentation through your entire History Day project "That Vote Was Costly. Prize It!" you've been using material about Carrie Chapman Catt. You took her fight for the vote to district to state and in June to Washington D.C. for National History Day. You marched in the 75th anniversary suffrage parade in Des Moines and have shown your display several times. You're having a fun time at Ames High--Homecoming week-you marched with the band in the parade. In the orchestra we can always see your bassoon! But it's the cooking I'll always remember--almost every day. You'll try any recipe. We've gone to cooking schools together. You've tried to "rent a dog' from the animal shelter you tried to run a catering service. Lawyer? Chef.? Pianist? You'll do well in anything you decide to try! Good luck!


Brick also located at: H15

Paver Inscription:

Irene Warner Swanson 1913-2006
Kay Swanson Craig 1947
Suzanne Kathryn Craig 1976
Kathryn Lynn Craig 1979
Lynn Swanson Seydel 1944
Roxanne Elizabeth Seydel 1979
Beth Swanson Duede 1948
Melissa Marie Duede 1976
Laura Renee Duede 1984
Beth Carolyn Warner 1888-1960
Eunice Decker Warner 1856-1942
Estella Irene Martin 1853-1940