Kathryn Pauli

Honored by:Faye P. Whitaker
Brick location:D:21  map

Kathryn Zentner, born on a farm May 24, 1902 in New Glarus, Wisconsin; all four grandparents and her mother were born in Switzerland. Schooled only through 8th grade, she wrote and spoke German, Swiss-German, and English perfectly. In 1927, she married Frederick Pauli, also Swiss. They operated a dairy farm until 1954 and there raised 4 children. She was widowed in 1957 and died May 24, 1988. One of her four children is Faye Pauli Whitaker, ISU Department of English faculty member from 1970-2001. Faye P. and James W. Whitaker are the parents of her namesake, Katherine Clara Saunders Whitaker, born July 10, 1975, in Ames, Iowa.

Submitted on 7/1/96