Kathryn R. Urick

Honored by:Corly Peterson, Susan Stotts and Dawn Peterson
Brick location:D:26  map


Because Kathryn was so important to us, we are pleased to honor her by adding her name to the Plaza of Heroines at the Carrie Chapman Catt Hall at Iowa State University.

Corly Blahnik Petersen
Susan Jacobson Stotts
Dawn Marie Petersen

"Kathryn was one of the most delightful people I have ever met. Her wonderful straightforwardness and sense of humor often made my day. I remember Kathryn as a bustling burst of energy who always was pursuing a worthy cause with sincerity and passion. Her apartment was filled with treasures that represented her appreciation of fine art, her love of her family, her connection with nature, her dedication to children, her respect of good books and her constant pursuit of knowledge. She was an activist for just causes and a fine humanitarian. She was a heroine in all of her roles and I am certain that she now dances with the angels. I was deeply honored to have Kathryn be a part of my life." -Corly Blahnik Petersen

"When Kathryn was 74 she volunteered at school every day. She wrote newspaper columns. She loved Ames and ISU foreign families and students. She read the latest books on philosophy, education, spirituality, and politics. She knew social issues and she spoke up. She amazed me. She had a voice. She told stories of goodness in many ways. She had boundless energy and ideas. As an older person, she had the ability to be generative of the younger generations and her own generation. She embraced life, her feelings and others. Knowing Kathryn and having Kathryn as a friend was one of the best gifts of my life." -Susan Jacobson Stotts

"Kathryn was a person full of warmth. There was always an outstretched hand coming from her, reaching out to those who needed it. She was the kind of person who spent most of her life being a teacher, educating those around her of the past and present in order to help make a difference in the future. She made that difference in me. She taught me that you have to be strong but not overpowering, and that you must be confident in order to succeed. In showing me this, she opened me up to the true meaning of life and helped start me down the path to a better tomorrow. It only takes one word to describe Kathryn and that word is EXTRAORDINARY. "- Dawn Marie Petersen

Submitted on 1/5/94