Kathryn Rhoda Essman

Honored by:Jill M. Brody, MD, Jacqueline Brody Newberger and Jeffrey A. Brody, MD
Brick location:F:25  map

Kathryn Rhoda Essman (1908-1991) An outspoken woman Kathryn R. Early Essman was truly ahead of her time. She taught in a one-room school house until she was married. Then she was busy with life on the farm and providing meals for the field hands. Finally after she was widowed she became the house mother at the Adelante Fraternity at ISU continuing her cooking ways. When as children we visited her at ISU one could always sense that the fraternity boys thought she was hip.

She was someone who understood the importance of the spoken word and she had a clearly defined opinion on most everything. Our grandmother had an abrasive exterior at times however she was actually a gentle persuasive matriarch. She will always be a stalwart of the Cyclones and our family.

Jacqueline Brody Neuberger B.S. ('82) M.S. ('89) Jeffrey Brody B.S. M.D. Jill M. Brody B.S. ('85) M.D.