Kathryn Ruth Miller

Honored by:Cheryl Miller
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Iowa born and raised, Kate was born in Perry, Iowa to Cheryl (Luellen) and Virgil Miller on September 30, 1953. Kate attended Ogden schools, Perry Methodist Church and later the Ogden Methodist Church, where she taught Sunday School. In her growing up years, Kate was active in Blue Birds, Camp Fire and the 4-H group Union Livewires in Boone County. Kate also participated in may activities in the Ogden Schools including cheerleading, track, band, speech, drama, Art Club, Future Homemakers of America, Honor Role, O-Club and was a Student Council member. She was also a lifeguard at the Ogden Swimming Pool for several summers and taught swimming lessons.

Kate graduated from Ogden High School in 1972 and attended the University of Iowa. She graduated in 1975 with a bachelors degree in Sociology with Honors. Kate later attended the University of Phoenix and was awarded a Masters in Business Administration. While at the University of Iowa, Kate was employed as a Pretrial Release Interviewer by the Sixth Judicial District Department of Adult Corrections.

She later was a Presentence Investigator Area Supervisor and eventually Associate Director. While with the Department of Corrections, Kate helped found an Alternative Jail for Women an Alternative Jail for Men and a volunteer program. She also served on several community boards, including the Citizens Committee on Alcohol and the Kirkwood Community College Advisory Board for Criminal Justice. Kate was the first woman president of the Iowa Corrections Association and helped establish a Women's Political Caucus educate and encourage women to use the available Equal Employment Opportunity laws to be able to advance in a then male-dominated field.

While in working in corrections, Kate developed an interest in computers which lead her to leave Iowa in 1979 to go to work for DELTAK Inc. in Chicago. DELTAK was a computer training firm serving Fortune 1000 companies. At DELTAK, she worked with many of the top gurus in the computer industry and was director of the business unit to provide personal computer training when the first PC was introduced by IBM in 1980. Drawn to consulting, Kate left DELTAK in 1982 to be an independent computer consultant and author. She also eventually left Chicago and moved Arizona, first to Tucson and later Scottsdale.

While in Tucson, she was the founding chairperson of the Business Technology Expo. Kate's consulting activities to the present have included working for top corporate and government entities developing state-of-the-art computer systems. She has also written 14 personal computer books including two best sellers and over 100 trade magazine articles. Kate is also an avid pupil of yoga acupressure and drawing with color pencils. She is a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Phoenix, where she is a relunctant but successful fund raiser and member of the circle of women of the Women's Spirituality Group.

Kate enjoys world travel and has visited places as diverse as Australia, Kenya, Finland, Belize, Venezula, Tahiti and France, to name a few. However, her favorite places to visit include other Rocky Mountain states (especially Montana and Colorado) and of course Iowa for family and bicycling.