Kathy Dennler Gabrielson

Honored by:Joel Jeff, Steph, Sara and Chris
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Kathy Dennier Gabrielson came from the North East area of Iowa near Elgin. She attended Valley Community Schools graduating with honors. While attending Upper Iowa University as a Presidential Scholar she received her first degree: a Bachelor of Science Magna Cum Lauda with a double major in Chemistry and Biology.

Married and taught Chemistry, Physics, General Science and Physiology for 5 years. A new page in her life developed as she chose to raise two wonderful children; a daughter Stephanie and a son John Christopher. Her life turned after 10 years of raising her children and again Kathy showed how a person setting goals and working diligently can use adversity as a challenge while striving for higher levels of success.

She attended Iowa State University for her Masters in Professional Studies receiving her degree in 1 1/2 years while taking care of her two children relocating her home plus beginning a new career position. Kathy started a Complete Elementary Program in Guidance for the Belmond/Klemme Community Schools K-4 system in her new position.

She continues to expand her programs along with expanding her family. Kathy and I have the enjoyable opportunity of raising four great children Jeff a junior Stephanie a Sophomore Sara in eighth grade and John in seventh. Kathy's devotion to her students is evidenced as every elementary student in our community passes her in the street or by our home their hand up waving for her recognition she knows everyone's name. With a face peaking from just below the edge cars go by with a little hand always raised waving in the window. Carrie believed that women have the right to be challenged and aspire to be the best. Kathy teaches all children female and male to be the best you can be.

I have two things to write about my wife First is that I wish I had a longer life with her ours will only be a blink in time; Second our children and I love her very much. We wish her the most success and love in her life and career have a great time MOM. Your Family Joel Jeff Steph Sara Chris